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Monday, February 08, 2016

From the desk of Graham “Sledge” Bowall

Dear Persuasion Seeker,

gbpictureDo you feel depressed and down because you cannot persuade people to your way of thinking?

Are you in awe of the people that can stand up and convince a group of people to take a course of action effortlessly?

What would you do with your life if you knew that you had the power and confidence to persuade people to do absolutely anything?

How much money would you make? What kind of people and things would you have in your life?


Well think about this for a minute….

Just imagine that you could persuade your boss to give you a promotion or a pay rise with little effort on your part.

Or think about how you would feel knowing that you could approach a prospective customer and be virtually certain of gaining their business.

Imagine that you could organize a presentation and stun the audience with your persuasive tactics and have most of them wanting more.

Can you think about how easy it will be to sell anything, even ideas, so effortlessly that you could do it in your sleep?

This probably sounds like pure fiction to you at the moment. But it could soon be your reality.


Who Am I To Tell You This……

I have spent the last thirty years persuading people to my way of thinking. I have persuaded customers to part with large sums of money, I have persuaded my bosses to promote me quicker than any other, I have persuaded my staff to produce amazing results and I have persuaded the girl of my dreams to share her life with me.

You see I realized at an early age that persuasion skills would take me far in life. So I studied the persuasion masters with a passion.

I mixed it with the best sales people, business leaders, presenters and life coaches. I began to see patterns in their behavior and what they said. It all made perfect sense.

Over the years I have cultivated these skills and become a master persuader. And you can too.

The difference is that you do not have to go through all of the hard work and spend the time that I did. I have already done that for you.

You are truly on your way to becoming a persuasion master.


Introducing Persuasion Miracle….


Here is a small selection of the things that you will learn in this incredible audio series that will take you from where you are now to being a persuasion master.




pmcd1200This is the place where you must start.

In this 33 minute power packed audio you will learn about the patterns that I discovered of the master persuaders.

This provides the foundation for your persuasion success and understanding these principles will set you on your way.


Session One will reveal:


  • What persuasion really is and the most important thing that master persuaders do
  • The most important trait of a master persuader. Fail with this one and you won’t get anywhere
  • The key ingredient that will make your persuasive skills really work
  • What you must do in order to get people to think as you do
  • A trait so powerful that without it you will never succeed
  • How to gain respect from other people so that they will listen to what you have to say


And a ton more…..




pmcd2200This is where you start to put your new found skills into action.

With this amazing 34 minute audio you will find out how persuasion masters use their tactics in everyday situations

There are many examples of real situations in this audio that you can apply today.


Session Two will reveal:


  • A golden rule of persuasion that you must apply all of the time to avoid any disappointment
  • The key thing that you must do before you use your new found persuasion skills
  • If you focus on this one thing then you will never go wrong
  • How you can make people feel that your suggestions are just what they are looking for
  • How to plan your persuasion activity so that you are almost guaranteed to succeed
  • How you can use something that has been done for centuries to persuade people


And a ton more….




pmcd3200This will take your persuasion skills to the next level.

In this powerful 35 minute audio you will learn how to persuade many people at once rather than one on one persuasion.

Being a presentation / public speaker master is the ultimate in persuasion.


Session Three will reveal:


  • The two essential things that you must do to really get your audience’s attention
  • How you can overcome any fear of public speaking by doing this one thing
  • What you absolutely must do before you make your presentation
  • Do this and you will move your audience much closer to agreeing with you
  • What you must do at the start and the end of your presentation for the greatest impact
  • How to use presentation slides in a way that you have never seen before for maximum success


And a ton more……


There is so much in this Persuasion Miracle program that I simply cannot do it justice on this page. The program will take you to new heights of persuasion skills that will guarantee your success.

You will astound your family, colleagues and friends with your new persuasion skills and your future will be a bright one.

A persuasion master is always well respected and rewarded!


So What Kind Of An Investment Will I Need To Make…..

If you act now then you will get this incredibly powerful program for the small one time investment of only $37!


Let’s recap on what you are getting here:


Three power packed audios and the session transcripts which are worth a fortune to you as you will learn how to become a true persuasion master.  The audios are provided in MP3 format so you can listen to them anywhere.


  • You will learn what persuasion really is and what it isn’t
  • You will learn the traits of the persuasion masters and how you can follow them
  • You will learn how to use everyday persuasion tactics to get what you want
  • You will learn how to make people change their thinking to align with yours
  • You will learn how to take your persuasion skills to a new level by persuading many people at once
  • You will learn how to become a presentation master


And so much more….


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And all of the risk is totally with me…..


Persuasion Miracle is guaranteed for a full 30 days

If you are not satisfied in any way that Persuasion Miracle contains life changing techniques to make you a more effective persuader then I will fully refund your purchase.


So what are you waiting for? Get started on your journey to becoming a master persuader today…..

Let me ask you a question. Is your life going in the right direction? Do you have everything that you want? Are you satisfied with your job or business? Or is it time to change?

You have two choices now. You can do nothing and hope that things will change for the better or you can stand up and be counted by taking action to change your life today by ordering this incredible program.

So stand up and be counted and become a persuasion master!


To your success





Graham “Sledge” Bowall


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p.p.s. I am taking all the risk. You get the chance to try Persuasion Miracle for a full 30 days and if you are not delighted I will refund your purchase in full.